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Stray Aid Montenegro vzw (SAM) aims to help abandoned and stray dogs in Montenegro.
We are mainly active in the city Bar.
SAM sprouted in 2014, when Hanne fell in love with a stray dog named Willy.
Willy's story:

Help us to build our own SAM-shelter:

General note:
Montenegro is not part of EU and classified as a high risk rabies country.
Our dogs travel with following documents:
- MNE passport (fully vaccinated + microchipped)
- Rabies blood titer test
- Import in EU/health certificate
- 4D-test, repeated again shortly before transport. 4D-test tests on following mediterranean diseases: heartworms, ehrlichia, anaplasma and leishmania. If a dog is leishmania positive, then also recent blood tests (hematology and biochemistry) are provided.

Further we aim for every dog to travel with a security harness (Trixie Stay harness).

If any questions, never hesitate to drop a mail at

Communication in Dutch possible.

Thank you for choosing to adopt!

Your SAM-team