SOS Podenco Rescue

Wetterstraat 31 bus A32, 9230 Wetteren
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SOS Podenco Rescue was formed in September 2013 and came about purely by chance. Independantly from each other, Maria Casares and Ulrika Schofield spotted a young, rough coated Podenco named Ray on Facebook who was awaiting death in the killing station in Valencia. We both set about finding a rescuer for him but found ourselves stone walled at every turn. He had only days to live and we had to act quickly. As luck would have it, a Facebook friend who knew both of us, picked up our separate pleas for help, contacted each of us individually and suggested we'd team up and rescue Ray ourselves. We joined forces, raised funds for the vet bills, found an excellent rescue for him and bought him free - SOS Podenco Rescue was born!

We do not have our own kennels or property in Spain but we use a privately run kennel establishment.

SOS Podenco Rescue is entirely reliant on donations for everything we do. Not a single cent is wasted or spent on anything other than the dogs!

SOS Podenco Rescue is run entirely by volunteers who all give their time generously without expecting anything in return - apart from seeing one of our dogs leaving for a happier and brighter future in his new forever home!